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You can make a donation to any Auroville project via Auroville International UK. Just let us know which project you wish your donation to go to.

We are able to securely receive donations online made with a debit or credit card through MyDonate. Please follow the link below.

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Please e mail us to let us know that you have made a donation on line, and how you wish the money to be spent.

It is also possible to make a donation by sending a cheque to:

Auroville International UK
30 the Green
Norwich, NR 14 7AG

Please make cheques payable to "Auroville International UK"


If you are a British tax payer, please make your donation via
Auroville International UK as we can claim an extra 25p
tax for every £1 donated via Gift Aid. If you make your donation
online, this is done by our online service, if you donate by
cheque, please download a Gift Aid form from here.





Auroville Land Fund

Securing the land for Auroville is now of crucial importance so that a coherent development of the township can take place, enabling the vision to unfold in its full potential.

In recent years, however, Auroville faces great challenges in this work, some threatening the future development of the city and its surrounding greenbelt area.





At the very centre of Auroville one finds the 'soul of the city', the Matrimandir, situated in a large open area called 'Peace', from where the future township will radiate outwards. The atmosphere is quiet and charged, and the area beautiful, even though at present large parts of it are still under construction.

  Auroville Land Fund
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